pentecost reflection

Here’s a short piece I wrote for Pentecost. It introduced an interactive worship service with worshipers moving through reflection activity stations.
You can hear the Scripture & reflection here2016-05-14 13.57.42

Pentecost is for the brave

who stand tall in the eye of the storm
never flinching
as the Spirit shakes the foundations
and thunderous winds announce her entrance

shuttered windows crash open
doors blown off their hinges
tongues of fire mark each witness
and there is no hiding place

Pentecost is for the brave at heart.
For who else remains when fire rides bareback on the wind?

Calling all adventurers
you who never ask the odds
who love the thrill of the game
the quickening of the pulse

The dove descends
fire rains
wind thunders
The Spirit arrives

Pentecost is for the fearful
who huddle together in the darkness
doors barred
windows locked fast
well aware of the dangers
grasping long list of threats
safety plans in place

Deadbolts are no protection
against the breath of God
piercing the fear
until it turns to dust at your feet

Pentecost is for the fearful of heart
who down in their bones long for the Spirit’s holy peace

The Comforter tiptoes through the doorway
settles down on the sofa with a sigh
stillness falls upon the room
heart rates tumble

The kiss of peace
lands with a gentle breeze
calms the storm
steadies the quivering heart

Calling all you fearful ones
who know the odds
whose past time is worry
whose questions unending
and whose “what ifs” pile high

The dove descends
in stillness
and peace
The Spirit arrives

Pentecost is for planners
you know who you are
with Siri at the ready
GPS engaged
tasks assigned
maps, itineraries,
top ten lists

You who move mountains
with systems and procedures
who set goals
and think in action plans
who thrive on task forces

Pentecost is for the planners among us.
The Spirit commands
to the ends of the earth
every hill and valley
village and town
no stone left unturned
no language unknown

And the gears begin turning
inside your head
to-do lists, supply lists,
sign-up sheets,
support systems

Each vital piece aligned
the system a go
the engines roar
the itinerary set
people in place

Calling all you planners
directors, devisers
techies and inventors
movers and builders

Bring your lists
and your systems
harness your plans
roll out the blueprints

The dove commissions
the direction received
the goal is set
the Spirit arrives

Pentecost is for dreamers
star chasers
and mystics
hopers and pray-ers
story-tellers and poets

You who spin tales,
who buy magic beans
who sit by the fire, spinning tales
you who are visited by angels
whose hearts are all ablaze

Pentecost is for the dreamers among us
who see the sacred in a flash of light on a lonely road
who hear the voice of God on the breeze
who sense the heartbeat of the holy in a hazelnut
who feel the sacred in every foot step

Calling all your dreamers
with your visions
your hopes of the world
and imaginations unfettered

The  dove moves unseen,
revealing truth
with breath of inspiration
awakening the slumbering

Pentecost is for dreamers
so dream for us
let loose your visions
spin your tales of a peaceable kingdom
challenge us with hopes we long cast aside
remind us of the grace that surrounds all life

The Spirit makes an entrance
the holy imagination beckons
dreams will not let go
the Spirit arrives

Pentecost is for you
for all of us
the brave, the fearful
the planners, the dreamers
risk takers and followers

Pentecost is here.
And Pentecost is for us


2 thoughts on “pentecost reflection

  1. I used this last Sunday by weaving it through a “hymn sing” sort of service. It was great! The emotions and spiritual insights of individuals and congregation as a whole mattered. Thank you for such wonderful writing!


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