About me?

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Years ago, as I started my first semester at seminary, I displayed my Eric Clapton Fender Strat in a prominent place in my dorm room, so that I would never, ever, ever be considered pastor’s wife material.

God has an exceedingly wicked sense of humor.

I am…

  • in my second decade of pastoral ministry with a Disciples of Christ congregation,
  • the mom of Ben, who makes me laugh and beam with pride at the same time,
  • enjoying life in the northwest USA,
  • a sharer of photographs, see my flickr page: http://flickr.com/photos/revnancy
  • an avid follower of biblical studies, occasionally I dabble in writing, too, see http://www.sbts.academia.edu/NancyGowler
  • an art lover, fledgling sketcher, seeker of beauty,
  • a compulsive book-buyer. a purchase made through our church Amazon storefront supports our church’s ministries,
  • a faithful, and vocal University of Illinois fan,  Go Illini!
  • a life-long lover of the St. Louis Cardinals…
  • and Tom Baker will always be my Doctor.

8 thoughts on “About me?

  1. Hi Nancy,

    I’m a DOC pastor who found your wonderful site as I was browsing around trying to find ideas for Ash Wednesday. We are going to use a variation of your idea, using our food ministry cans to line the labyrinth.

    I’m wondering if you have liturgy you’d be willing to share for any of your special services (like Ash Wednesday, Easter and Pentecost). The artistic displays are stunning…and I have a feeling the liturgy is incredible as well.

    My email address is sdiamond@fccmontgomery.org.

    Hope to perhaps meet you at the GA in Indianapolis this summer.

    Blessings, Susan Diamond


  2. Hi Nancy, thank you for following Plough on Pinterest. As you mention that you’re a compulsive book buyer (same here, by the way) I’m wondering if you’d enjoy reviewing the occasional Plough book – we have a team of perhaps 20 book-lovers who receive free early review copies, and if they care to review, they post their thoughts via blog, GoodReads, Amazon, etc. No conditions. Anyhow, if it sounds like something you’d enjoy, just zap me an email at editor@plough.com. Best wishes, Maureen Swinger, Editor, Plough Publishing.

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  3. Hi Nancy,

    I found your site today and wish I had found it a long time ago. I’m using a call to worship and a prayer this week as part of our liturgy. Your writing is truly beautiful and insightful. Please continue to post and share your great work with others.

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  4. Hi Nancy,

    I was looking up prayers for Class Reunions, and I stumbled across yours. It is very heartfelt, and I will use part of it for my classmates. We just celebrated our 35th-year high school reunion. It is always a blessing to share God’s love.


  5. Your Pentecost prayer is a lovely gift for Spirit season, thank you! A lay member found this online, and we plan to use it this Pentecost Sunday here in the United Church of Christ congregation in Northwest CT that I have been serving with joy for more than 14 years. We will use Again, thank you!


  6. thanks for sharing the reunion prayer…it gave me a start on my invocation for my 40th high school reunion. Your words were what were in my heart! Pam


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